Pioneering income generation for the extreme poor



Income makes the world go up

Income is key for leaving poverty behind. Stay provides African smallholder farmers and young people with basic business skills and empowers them to earn sustainable income in agriculture, animal breeding or crafts. All programmes are carried out by local social entrepreneurs.

Learn how families in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda can escape from extreme poverty with these income programmes:

Smallholder farmers learn how to keep bees and sell their own honey

With professional knowledge and excellent seeds farmers multiply their harvest

Smallholder farmers plant trees and vegetables in turn – for ecological and economic benefits

Youth from the slums get vocational training – and gain a perspective for their lives

Why local social entrepreneurs?

Because they know best how to help the extreme poor in their communities earn sustainable income. Locals who are familiar with the culture and language and who know the needs of the families around them. And they do it in an entrepreneurial way.

Who could have more impact than a local social entrepreneur? Dozens of them!

It’s a simple calculation. This is why we connect established social enterprises in our networks – the Stay Alliances. Today we have three such networks in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda connecting almost 100 member organisations.

These networks are the incubators for income programmes. First they scan the most effective concepts, then they scale them up. The Stay Alliances are the platform for the multiplication of what works best.

Who are we?

We have a core team of about a dozen employees covering finances, fundraising, personnel, communication and logistics. Of course at the heart there are our experts for development cooperation.

All activities are supported by a large team of over 50 dedicated volunteers and interns. Our office in Stuttgart is the centre of operations, there we do teamwork par excellence.

We are supported by a large number of renowned companies from the Stuttgart area and beyond and also receive public funds.