The #stayrider’s tour encompasses 15.000 kilometers of which he has already made more than 5,000. He is collecting 150,000 € of mileage money. 55,000 € have already been donated, part of it on Instagram! Follow the #stayrider on Instagram!

One man, one bike, one continent

Jürgen Hofer is the #stayrider. He is riding all across Europe alone on his bike. It’s a feat that will take him to limits: To the geographical limits of Europe and to the physical limits of what a human being can achieve. The #stayrider does it for a good cause.


Where is the stayrider?

#stayrider: Measured Madness

total distance that the #stayrider wants to ride across Europe

that’s the altitude over the full distance that he must master – of course without an e-motor!

arithmetically, the #stayrider covers as many vertical meters as in 58 Zugspitze ascents

and all that in only 2 months!

Got it! But…why?

Jürgen Hofer rides for the Stay Foundation and is committed to sustainable poverty reduction. He is convinced: „We can overcome extreme poverty in Africa with entrepreneurial means.“ With his tour, he wants to collect mileage money – donations that will fully benefit Stay’s programs.

The more mileage money the #stayrider collects, the further he will ride – until he has finished his tour and can help 1,000 people in extreme poverty!

The #stayrider needs you!

Here’s the deal:

You give 10 €

Thanks to your donation, the #stayrider will ride for 1 more kilometer – until he will have reached 15,000 kilometers across Europe

All donations benefit Africa’s poorest. After 15,000 kilometers Stay will be able to train 1,000 African smallholder farmers in basic business skills and empowers them to earn sustainable income

Push the ride – and help the poorest

With every donation, the #stayrider continues to ride across Europe – until he will have covered 15,000 kilometers! All of the money raised will benefit Stay’s programs to fight poverty in Africa.

Donate now – and enable 1,000 people in extreme poverty to participate in one of our income programs:

Smallholder farmers learn how to keep bees and sell their own honey

With professional knowledge and excellent seeds farmers multiply their harvest

Smallholder farmers plant trees and vegetables in turn – for ecological and economic benefits

Youth from the slums get vocational training – and gain a perspective for their lives

Jürgen Hofer bei Stay

Jürgen Hofer is the #stayrider – but he is much more than that!
Get to know Jürgen Hofer and learn more about his work at Stay. (German)

Information for the press on #stayrider or Stay in general:
Please contact Angelika Severin

Stay is taking a new approach to international development: We harness local power to generate sustainable income that lifts people out of poverty. Learn more about how that works.

With the donations, the Stay Foundation from Stuttgart finances the programs mentioned above and covers, for example, the costs for seeds, building materials for the first beehives or the local teachers. In case of overfunding of these programs, the funds will flow into other Stay programs, e.g. into the financing of microcredits for African smallholder farmers.
All programs are tried and tested and their effectiveness is monitored on an ongoing basis.
Stay supports the German Transparente Zivilgesellschaft, an initiative of registered non-profit organisations to disclose information on our foundation and work.